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Welcome to 3rd Grade!
Welcome to 3rd Grade! I am so excited to get to work with you and your student this year! I will be sending newsletters through parent emails weekly! If you aren't receiving those please let me know! Otherwise my email will be checked frequently throughout the day if you have any other questions or concerns! Communication is key to me and I love hearing from you! 

READING: We will be learning from the "Wonders Reading Program." There are many different types of stories in our reading book this year. Which will give you quite a variety of genres to discover! Not only do we use our reading book together but we encourage independent reading with Accelerated Reading Program (AR) which we will set personal goals to obtain! We suggest that the students should be reading or reading with a parent for 20 minutes each night at home! 

MATH: Third grade math is the best because we get to do a lot of practice with multiplication and division! We also spend time working with money, interpreting graphs, telling time, geometry, a little algrbra and MORE! We will be using "Math Expressions" and the "IXL Program" to practice. We will apply all of these skills with both whole group and small groups during our day together!

SCIENCE: The great thing about our reading series is that it incorporates a ton of different science topics throughout our year! Other interesting things we learn about are plants, animals, and the solar system! We will do alot of research and projects on our chrome books to help us find more information!

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be learning more about communitues and government in 3rd grade! Likewise to science, a lot of our social studies topics will be linked with our reading series! I can't wait to dig into it! 

WRITING: We get to learn how to write in cursive this year! Which means the students get to learn their very own signature! It takes a lot of focuse and patience but we will go through each letter a day. We will also be learnign how to organize our thoughts with different types of writing assignments!

Again, contact me with any questions or concerns!
Ms. Nowak! :) 

Contact: Taylor Nowak