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JWP Community Education will be providing a HEALTHY/SAFE snack everyday your child attends preschool “FREE of CHARGE”. Students will have choices ranging from fruits and vegetables to crackers and cheese.  The snacks will be monitored by our school wellness coordinator and nurse, Mrs. Sonja Highum.  The snacks will be carefully distributed by our preschool staff.  On the registration form you filled out to register your child, you were asked to list allergies. This information will be passed on to Mrs. Highum and our preschool Staff. Please make sure these individuals are updated of any allergy changes ASAP!

Some parents like to send treats with their child on their birthday or a celebration.  This is NOT required.  If you plan on doing this, we ask that you provide an alternative to candy such as: stickers, pencils, etc… 

Should you have any direct questions, please contact JWP's Community Education Department at 507-231-7777.

Thank you so much for your understanding and willingness to work with JWP's Community Education Preschool Program.