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Progression to Get Your License:

1. Classroom Driver Education (30 Hours)

2. Blue Card-issued to the student after she/he has successfully completed the 30 hrs of classroom instruction.

3. Attempt to get your Minnesota Instruction Permit- Test
-Bring Your Blue Card to take the test
-Bring 2 Forms of Identification-Social Security Card and Certified Birth Certificate are 
                                                   advised. A Passport may also be used.
-Must be 15 years of age

4. Practice driving with your instruction permit. You must have 40 hours of practice driving with your licensed parents or a licensed 21 year old, 40 if your parent has attended the parent night training. If your parent has not been to the class, you need to log 50 hours of drive time. 15 of those 40 hours need to come at night. If you’re under 18, you must have a licensed 21 year old driver in front seat of vehicle. Log all driving hours on the official driving log form and have the designated signer in your family sign off on these hours.

5. 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction-with Mrs. Erickson

6. White Card-issued to the student after she/he has successfully completed the 6hrs of BTW instruction.

7. Drivers License Test
Bring Your White Card
Bring Social Security card or know your # and birth certificate
Official Driving Log
Certificate of Completion from parent night 
Proof of Insurance

Must be 16 years of age unless you are eligible to get your farmer’s permit.

8. Graduated License System-Know this!