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Hello JWP Community,

Over the years associations have formed to run some of the programming in the JWP Community. Here is a list of the programming that is offered by these associations and contact information:
These associations are NOT run through the school.  If you have any issues with these programs, contact the people below.  The school helps see that these clubs/associations are able to access our facilities and that is it.

Fall Activities:
Bulldog Youth Football: Grades 3-6th
Contact: Eric Blasing 507-340-5383

Bulldog Youth Volleyball: Grades 5 & 6 Sometimes the Bulldog Volleyball club will run something for 3rd and 4th graders.
Contact: Krista Conlon 507-340-8229 or kconlon@isd2835.org

Winter Activities:

Wrestling grades Preschool-6th Grade:
Contact: Brady Adams 507-381-1526

Hockey-Co-op with Waseca- Information will be sent out via email and Thursday folders from the Waseca Hockey Association.

Bulldog Basketball Association Grades 4th-6th:
Jared Ziemke 612-710-3865
Joanie and Lyncon Olson 507-234-6137
Chuck Quast 507-340-5161
Beth Weimert 507-781-8214
Kirsten Prunty 507-276-6681
Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/bulldogbasketballassociation/ ;

Summer Activities:

Baseball and Softball Association Grades 3-12th Grade:
Kelly Heitkamp 507-382-9588
Jenine Peterson 507-317-8267 

JWP Community Education tries to fill in the gaps of offerings for the younger/older age groups.  We offer basketball grades K-3, T-ball grades K-1, Peanut League grades 2-3, Track grades Kindergarten through 6th grade, etc...Check the following website often for up-to-date offerings by JWP Community Education: https://jwp.cr3.rschooltoday.com/public/home/