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Welcome to Room 344

And welcome to English 8, 9, 10.

This is my first year at JWP, but I've been an English teacher since 1997. I've taught English, Speech, Drama. And I've spent many semesters as an adjunct teaching Composition 101 at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Helping students become better writers is my favorite part of teaching English.

Throughout a year in my class, students will learn strategies for building a variety of sentences. I will show them how to read stories/essays like a writer. And I will model how to give peers feedback on writing. 

I went to a high school similar to JWP. I am from a rural community. I grew up among tractors, corn, soybeans, hogs.  

I married a computer geek from Mankato in 2000. We recently moved from a hundred year old house to an acre with a 1978 bi-level and lots of space for growing flowers and fruit trees. We have three daughters.
Our puppy, Stoic, joined our family last spring. 
Carey's husband and daughters