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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

This is my tenth year teaching at JWP. I love teaching at JWP and working with the amazing kids and families at this school. I live in Kasota with my husband Justin, my two boys Dalton and Jackson, and my springer spaniel Dixie. When I am not at school you will probably find me enjoying the outdoors! I love camping, fishing, walking, boating and kayaking.  I will also be in the stands at all the JWP Bulldog football games. I coach the cheerleaders here at JWP! GO BULLDOGS! 

You are probably wondering what the upcoming year will be like. In third grade we work really hard while having a lot of fun. Just like in second grade, you will have snack and you will attend Library, Music, P.E., and STEM.  Below are just a few highlights of things that you will be learning in third grade.


You will be learning from the Wonders reading program. It includes exciting stories from all genres, which will give you the chance to read many types of text and discover what you prefer to read. Some of the units also include science and social studies concepts. We will do fun projects and experiments to help you learn those skills well.
You will get your own Independent Reading Plan for Accelerated Reader (AR). Each quarter we will set new goals to work towards.
We will study topics from reading, science, and social studies during WIN (What I Need) Time. You’ll mix-up with all of the other third graders to practice Daily 5 stations during this 20-minute period each day.


Multiplication and division are exciting skills that we practice in 3rd grade. We also spend time learning about money, time, graphing, measurement, and geometry. You will learn these skills by joining in on whole group instruction, participating in stations during Math WIN, practicing skills on IXL.com, and playing other fun math games on your Chrome book. We will continue your work with the Math Expressions program from last year. We are excited to use this efficient program to help you learn.


In science we study many interesting things like plant and animal adaptations, the solar system, and energy.
We learn a lot about science through our integrated reading units and through projects, many of which are technology based. For example, you will get to record sound waves of musical instruments to learn about energy.

Social Studies:

Our main focus in social studies is communities and government. You will also learn about good citizenship, as well as important people and events in history by reading stories, researching information using your Chromebooks, and completing both digital and art projects.
These concepts are integrated into our reading units, much like science.


You will learn how to write in cursive!  It does take some practice, but we will work diligently and teach you one letter at a time. I think you’ll discover that it will allow you to write quicker once you get the hang of it.
Third graders learn how to organize information in different ways through writing. For example, you will write personal narrative and opinion papers.

Second Step:

Academics are important, but social skills are equally as important for succeeding in school. We will do about one Second Step lesson a week to help teach you how to positively interact with your classmates and friends.
You will learn skills that we will practice through games and dances. Even if you feel a bit silly, you are going to have some fun!

If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me!

GO BULLDOGS!!! laugh

Brook Ling
School phone: 507-234-5158 Ext. 7725