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Parent Involvement Policy

School District 2835
Parent Involvement Policy / Procedure

JWP Mission Statement

The JWP Schools, in cooperation with parents and community, will provide students with a positive learning environment to create life-long learners who are responsible, contributing and productive citizens.

Statement of Purpose

JWP School District 2835 is committed to the goal of providing a quality education for every child in the district. To this end, we want to establish partnerships with parents and the community. Everyone gains if school and home work together to promote high achievement by our children. Neither home nor school can do the job alone. Parents play an extremely important role as children’s first teachers. Their support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success every step along the way.

School Parent Involvement Policy Statements

 JWP schools will develop a parent involvement plan based upon state requirements, suggestions, and input from parents and community members throughout the year. The parent involvement plan will be presented at the September school board meeting and to parents during fall conferences. The policy will be available on the school web-site, in the family handbook or by requesting a copy at the elementary or intermediate offices. 

 Parents and their children will be invited to attend Back to School conferences and open house events at the primary and intermediate elementary schools. Staff will review the Parent Compact as a guide to the commitments of a unified team. 

 Parents will be encouraged to participate in their child’s education throughout the year. Parent Teacher Association information will be available and scheduled parent activities will be outlined. Volunteer information will be presented in the family handbook and during conferences. Regular notices are distributed through weekly communication folders, classroom newsletters, e-mail contact, and personal calls. In addition to scheduled events, impromptu activities often occur.

 JWP will present school status information prior to the fine arts concert in the winter. Multiple communication tools will be used to encourage parents to take advantage of their right to offer their input in our on-going evaluation process. 

 JWP will notify parents that their child’s curriculum is available for study on the JWP web-site. Our goals and objectives, assessment tool selection, and our Response To Intervention model have been and will be detailed.

 Regular parent and school interaction are strongly encouraged as plans for a child’s academic and overall school success grows throughout their school experience. Parents will have many opportunities to collect at home support suggestions and to monitor their child’s progress. Ideas, for example, will be provided by the Title I (CHAMPS) program, and intervention tools will be generated by the RTI model. Parent teacher conferences, e-mail, telephone, and written messages will be used to support all participants.

 Parents will receive training to assist in their understanding of any area including but not limited to Response To Intervention (RTI), state standards, and assessment tools. This training will be offered on our web-site, through the weekly bulletin, and by request. Parent training events will also be planned as needed. 

 JWP will work to assist families that need English proficiency support in parent involvement activities that they would like to be a part of.

 Evaluation of this school’s progress is multi-faceted. Parent surveys, e-mail, conferences, state assessments, informal community contact that is common in a rural culture, internal evaluations, and an open door policy all impact our decisions and how our school is evaluated.

 JWP understands the importance of a strong parent, school, and community bond. Our school has woven this philosophy into the fabric of its design. We will continue to evaluate its effectiveness in our on-going effort to be a school of excellence.

 This policy will be reviewed and approved by the JWP Board Of Education as part of the annual family handbook publication.