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Classes taught in 2015 -16 School Year:

The video above has not been edited at all - promise.  Behold the power of chemistry (ok physics) mixed with some biology.

Introducing Eric Kehoe, Science Teacher Extraordinaire

Why science is awesome:

It is the cause of as well as the solution to all of life's problems.

What will you find here?

Hopefully lots of resources to help you be successful in your science instruction. 

How to contact me:

Please feel free to contact me at 507-234-5181 or email me.

A little about me:

I graduated and earned my master's degree from the University of Minnesota. I have spent my entire teaching career so far at JWP (13th year).  I have enjoyed every minute of it, well most minutes.

I am married and have four wonderful children.  Between school and home I feel really busy.

My hobbies are, running, playing guitar and harmonica, and random other things.
Eric Kehoe in Mud
A good science teacher is never afraid to get a little dirty.