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High School Staff

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Andy Krause Jenise Peterson
Andy Krause
Andy Krause's Website
Jenise Peterson

Jenise Peterson's Website
507-234-5181 option 2
Jenny Kusske
Jenny Kusske

Jenny Kusske's Website
Jesse Beulke Tim James Becky Strobel
Jesse Beulke
Choral Music

Jesse Beulke's Website
507-234-5181 x
Tim James

Tim James' Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7765
Becky Strobel
Instrumental Music

Becky Strobel's Website
07-234-5181 x. 7755
Kari Bluth Aidan Demarais Cindy Steinberg
Kari Bluth
Business and Computer

Kari Bluth's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7784
Aidan Demarais
Industrial Technology

Aidan Demarais' Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7762
Cindy Steinberg
Family and Consumer Science

Cindy Steinberg's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7783
David Blissenbach Darien Kjolstad Jessie Oelke
David Blissenbach

David Blissenbach's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7789
Darien Kjolstad

Darien Kjolstad's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7786
Jessie Oelke

Jessie Oelke's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7790
Sarah Roiger  
Sarah Roiger

Sarah Roiger's Website
07-234-5181 x. 7773
Jessie Oelke
Jessie Oelke

Jessie Oelke's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7790
Jessica Keenan Mike Skinner
Jessica Keenan

Jessica Keenan's Website
507-234-5181 x. 
Jena Schoenrock

Jena Schoenrock's Website
507-234-5181 x
Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner's Website
07-234-5181 x. 7788
Matt Collins Brad Willett
Matt Collins

Matt Collins' Website
507-234-5181 x
Brad Willett

Brad Willett's Website
07-234-5181 x. 7760
Eric Kehoe Adam Roesler
Eric Kehoe

Eric Kehoe's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7766
Adam Roesler

Adam Roesler's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7767
Marc Crawford Carrie Nolan Howard VanOtterloo
Marc Crawford

Marc Crawford's Website
507-234-5181 x.
Carrie Nolan

Carrie Nolan's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7804, 7787, 7789
Howard Van Otterloo

Howard Van Otterloo's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7787
Jessica Keech Layce Smith
Paige Bellig

Paige Bellig's Website
07-234-5181 x. 7794
Jessica Keech

Jessica Keech's Website
07-234-5181 x. 7793
Layce Smith

Layce Smith's Website
​507-234-5181 x. 7792
Stephanie Watts Kim Scott
Stephanie Watts
Reading Specialist

Stephanie Watts' Website
507-234-5181 x7782
Kim Scott
Media Specialist

Kim Scott's Website
507-234-5181 x7723
Jennifer Bangs Lori Daschner Mindy Eilertson
Jennifer Bangs

Lori Daschner
Mindy Eilertson

Jen Larson Jody Newman Jen O'Brien
Jennifer Larson

Jody Newman
Jen O'Brien

Rhea Riewe Jody Wehking  
Rhea Riewe
Jody Wehking